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Mirza’s allegations biggest conspiracy against PPP: Chandio

In a press conference in PPP Media Cell, Chandio claimed that the Zulfiqar Mirza episode is the biggest conspiracy in the history against PPP.

He maintained that Mirza has betrayed his friend, party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and has insulted the sacred relation of friendship adding that the Badin based leader is working upon the agenda of anti-PPP elements.

Party MNA Sardar Kamal Khan Chaang claimed that some forces are trying to create Wazirisitan sort of circumstances in Sindh.

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“What Mirza is representing with armed men surrounding him is not the culture of Sindh,”, remarked Chaang.

Another PPP MNA Sardar Shah was of the view that Mirza arrives like the Punjabi movie actor Sultan Rahi and raves and rants like the actor.

“He has probably lost his senses”, said Shah.

Other Party MNAs and leaders also spoke on the occasion against the leader whose allegations against the party leaders especially Asif Ali Zardari have triggered a political storm.



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