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Mirza's execution: Jail officials await further orders

A video statement of the death-row convict which surfaced hours before his execution had shaken the entire political landscape of the country, following which the Ministry of Interior had delayed the execution initially for three days.

However, two more days have passed since the initial delay ended, but the authorities at Machh Jail have not yet received any further orders in this regard and hence the matter of Saulat Mirza’s execution has become ambiguous.

Officials at Macch Jail said that they heard through media that Mirza’s execution was postponed by another 90 days and denied receiving any written orders of it.

They said that for taking the convict to gallows, they require new death warrant for which a petition is pending with an anti-terrorism court (ATC) of Karachi.

Officials said that whatever the court ordered, they will act upon it.



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