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Mobile Masjid launched in Indonesian city for prayer facility to Muslims

Mobile YMN Masjid (Mosque Foundation Nusantara) make visit to the gardens of the city of Bandung in order to facilitate citizens who come for vacationing in the area around Bandung.





According to director YMN, “Bandung itself is a pretty location with parks thematic, but the area still do not have the facilities to pray. The visitors are enthusiastic with their mobile mosques, they pay a visit to Zohar prayers in congregation.”




Before the prayers, the mosque mobile team starts preparing for the prayer facilities ablution facilities, carpeting and sound system.


Mobile prayer mosque has been providing services in 49 point spread in West Java, reported an Indonesian website Detik.


“This mosque Mobile innovation is very nice, because it is ready to provide prayer facilities in many places. We wish to have more frequent around Bandung because there are places that are hard to find a place for prayer,” said Syahron, one of the visitors.


“This activity as a form of welcoming Ramazan. Inshallah month of Ramazan, Mobile Masjid will regularly open to prayer facilities in various locations,” said Hamzah Fatdri.



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