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Mobile phones banned in educational institutions

LAHORE: The provincial authorities have imposed a ban on usage of mobile phones in all educational institutions across Punjab’s capital Lahore, ARY News reported on Friday.

A notification for banning the usage of mobile phones has been issued by Punjab’s Directorate Public Instruction – Secondary Education (SE) which stated that cellphones and social media would not be allowed to be used in public schools.

The notification stated that the students below 16 will not be allowed to keep mobile along with them inside any educational institutions, otherwise, the authorities will take disciplinary against them over the violation of the regulations.

Earlier in October last year, the District Education Authority of Multan had banned the use of mobile phones inside the public schools.

CEO Education Multan had announced that cellphones would be submitted with the principal and the teachers would get it back before leaving the school.

A notification in this regard reads, “It has been observed that teachers get into their mobile phones during school time which affects children’s education. Therefore, it is directed that nobody should use mobile phones during school timing. Not even in an emergency, it is allowed that you stand outside the classroom and take the call, instead, you should sit in your classroom and take the message through short conversation.”

ARY News correspondent Yasir Sheikh said the authority had warned that in case of violation of the order, the violator would have to face serious upshot.



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