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Model Rachel Khan lashes out at Umar Akmal

According to a local report, Rachel said that if a man were to talk about her in a disrespectful way, then such a man should not only be slapped but also hit with shoes. She also said that had her own brother said such things about her, he would also be deserving of the same treatment.

She further said that if she were to receive a legal notice of Rs 50 crores from Umar Akmal, which she had not as of yet, then she would respond in kind and send him a legal notice of Rs 1 billion. Not only that, she said she would also provide evidence against the cricketer. She asked Umar to come forth in front of the media and apologize to end the whole issue.

Rachel Khan said that she came from a respectable family and that since her childhood days, she was taught how to behave in gatherings. From adults to younger people, she was taught how to behave with everyone and speak in a civilised way. She stated that during the course of her career, she had always treated her seniors with respect and her juniors with affection.

Rachel was of the view that instead of fighting with her or sending her legal notices, Umar Akmal should concentrate on his cricket. She said that in the past, he had not been included in the team owing to his poor performance.

She alleged that Umar had deliberately stirred this issue to remain relevant in the media. However, she said that it would impact him negatively because she was the one telling the truth.




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