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Modi, ‘century’s biggest terrorist’: PM Azad Kashmir

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir lamented the fact that occupational forces of India have continued their barbarism and tyranny in the Holy month of Ramazan in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), reported ARY News.

Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan said: “Indian forces are busy killing innocent Kashmir’s in the name of a pseudo-operation.”

He added that the Indian forces were busy damaging life, limb and property of civilians in occupied Kashmir.

Farooq continued,”Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the biggest terrorist of the this century.”

He urged human rights watchdogs to take notice of the Kashmiri plight and take note of the atrocities occurring in the disputed land.

He claimed that boycott of Indian National elections is testament to the fact that people of IoK have valid grievances and have shown their despondency with the act.



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