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Modi meets Muslim delegation to allay concerns

Modi met the 30 member delegation at Mumbai, on the occasion of Shab-e-Baraat on Tuesday. The delegation was lead by  Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, who is the chief imam of All India Imam Organization to discuss matters pertaining to social, economical and educational issues.

The Imam was appreciative of Modi’s kind attitude during the 45 minute meeting. He also revealed that the delegation had a fulfilling discussion with the Indian Premier.

“The Prime Minister told me that his doors would be open to us even at 12 in the night to discuss any issues and concerns of the Muslims. He said, ‘I give you my word, I will respond if you knock on my door at midnight,’” Ilyasi told a leading Indian newspaper.“Modi talks of ‘mann ki baat’ and we conveyed our ‘dil ki baat’. When these two things come together, there is togetherness and no politics,” the imam added.

Modi has also assured the delegation that he was not pursuing politics which was aimed at dividing people on communal lines and would not speak the communal language. He stated his belief in employment and development as the solution to all problems and reiterated his resolve to be focused on actively pursing both. The official statement released by the delegation also lauded Modi’s vision.

“He said he would not let anybody play the Hindu or the Muslim card, but would play the India card himself…He said education is the only way to reduce communal conflagrations and he is working towards that. Every member came away with the impression that he is a strong PM who means business.”

Ilyasi also said that the positive message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be spread across 550,000 mosques in India.



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