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Modi mocked for unfortunate error in tweet

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the many world leaders who use Twitter to make announcements and respond to queries, if needed. But a tweet requires careful go-through if you are a dignitary, and he seemed to overlook one of his tweets posted without proper inspection, leading to mockery.

A tweet from the Prime Minister of India (PMO) handle sharing the PM’s speech in the Upper House quoted a line from his speech, where he’d said, “Let us work together in providing the poor quality and affordable healthcare.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this sentiment, but the not-so-minor oversight of having missed a ‘with’ after ‘poor’, courtesy whoever was typing this tweet out (NOT Modi himself, but a member of his team), opened the floor for the ever-vigilant Netizens to school the PM on the necessity and importance of punctuation.



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