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Mohammad Ramzan narrates the horrors of partition

Hyderabad: Eighty years old, Mohammad Ramzan lived in New Delhi and have experienced all that it cost us to create Pakistan. Reminiscing the incidents, he had to say:

“They asked all Muslims to leave from Muslim majority areas. In Delhi there were 70% non-muslims and 30% muslims. The bloodshed we have seen, I can’t explain. Like for example if there are 5 trains going to Pakistan, only one would reach there safely, the rest 4 would be destroyed. People drank hot engine’s water. There was no choice, the thirst had to be quenched.”

“As soon as we left we were put into a trash bin then from there we were put in Humayun’s shrine. After staying there for months when we came to Lahore we were not allowed to get off. From here we went to Lala Musa, then came back to Lahore, went to Bahawalpur and finally came to Hyderabad. We have faced a lot of difficulties. It took us more than a week to reach Lahore and the bloodshed we saw which made us forget about the bloodshed in New Delhi.”

“We used to be told that make preparations before travelling from one place to another. People used to cook meals to last them a week. At some instances, people threw money at the wounded people on the streets and they would shout we don’t want money, give us something to eat. The waters were mixed with poison thus we were told in Humayun’s shrine to keep water with us. When we reached Amritsar, a Sikh’s rally came to attack us from nowhere. The General of that time, intervened and saved us from them.”

However, he feels that the purpose of creating Pakistan has been lost.

“We got Pakistan but its people got divided on the basis of ethnicity. That was not the purpose of creating Pakistan. Pakistan is our identity. If the Muslims living in Indian did not stand up for it, we would have been a slave population.”

Mohammad having sacrificed so much for his motherland has a message for all Pakistanis, He says “Everybody today talks about their ethnicity. Be Muslims first, then think of being anything else. Pray to God that he bestows His mercy on this country. Stay united and happy.”



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