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Momina Mustehsan breaks silence on engagement bust-up

KARACHI: Coke Studio singer Momina Mustehsan has broken the silence on engagement bust-up and confirmed veracity of the news that was going rounds on the social media of late.

In a message she posted on her official Facebook and Twitter, she said “our families have mutually agreed to call off the engagement…”

Here’s what she posted.

In September 2016, when her engagement news started doing the rounds, she initially denied it but later confirmed having been engaged.



“Hi world. Meet my fiancé, Ali Naqvi. We met each other for the first time less than a month ago, our families really liked each other and now we’re engaged.”


She had said she wanted to keep her engagement private, but things were not under her control.

“Though we wanted to keep this only between our close family and friends, and celebrate this privately and get to know each other without unnecessary hype and interference, news got everywhere. I firmly believe that everyone has a right to keep their private life to themselves, but in this case, the ball is no longer in our court,” she said.


Fiance of the charming and sweet lady was a Pakistani origin US banker Ali Naqvi. Since she garnered a huge fan following, her social media accounts got flooded with congratulations pouring in from every corner of the world after her engagement news became a media fodder.



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