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There is music inside everyone of us, says Momina Mustehsan

Pakistan’s newest singing sensation Momina Mustehsan who received loads of admiration after a single performance in a music show, appeared in ARY Digital’s ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ show and spoke candidly about her childhood, family, engagement and career.


Here is what she said about her childhood and family

As the show host Nida Yasir asked her about her childhood, Momina said she has two brothers who care about her a lot and that her relationship with her mother was ideal and she learned a lot from the lady.

Her mother made her eat healthy foods like vegetables and eggs by making up stories about their extraordinary powers and her mother even ripped off fairy tales to make her eat healthy foods.

“I never liked eggs but I liked Benazir Bhutto, just because she was an empowered women and a leader, Ammi (mother) told me Benazir became prime minister because she ate eggs,” Momina told the host, adding that her mother had to stop her from overeating eggs after the story.


About her aims during childhood, Momina revealed that she wanted to become a doctor and liked Mathematics as a subject but thinks that she owes the love of mathematics to her parents as they made her play a game called ‘I hate Maths’.momina4



She doesn’t have a maid at her house and she does most of her household chores herself

She thinks maids are empowered women who earn their bread and butter through hard work

Her mother made her eat vegetables, healthy foods by telling concocted stories about their strength 

She was born with her interest in music and feels all of us have some music inside us

She never had facial or any skin care treatment

She prefers locally made lotions over imported ones


About the ‘maid’ comment

About the incident when she befittingly replied a social media user who compared her to his maid, Momina said that countering such arguments is necessary because if one doesn’t speak about such things “it is as good as acknowledging them’.

“Can’t maids look beautiful or if I look like his maid, I couldn’t be beautiful, our social narrative is a little flawed,” said Momina.




She added that she feels that maids are empowered women who earn their bread and butter through hard work and her parents always taught her that servants actually help people in their work and must be respected.

When asked about servants in her house, she revealed that she has no maids at her home but only a cook and a helper.

“I was always taught that I should do my own work and if someone is working at our house, he or she is helping us,” said Ms Mustehsan.

Upon further inquiry, she maintained that she even cleans her room herself.

Momina with her fiance Ali Naqvi. She revealed that the engagement was ‘arranged’ as she believes in her parents.

About her engagement 

About her engagement which came as a surprise to many of her fans, Momina said that her fiance’s name is  Ali Naqvi and his family and her family are friends. (35:38 in the video).

“His uncle is my dad’s old friend,” revealed Momina, adding that she never saw him before the engagement as it was an arranged thing.

“I believe in my parents, whatever they would think about me would be in my best interest,” said Momina.



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