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'End of monarchy' must to revive democracy in Pakistan: Imran

Addressing a gathering in Islamabad High Court Bar, he said at least 50 votes were cast on a single thumb impression in different constituencies in 2013 elections.

I accepted elections for the sake of country, but not the rigging, said Imran.

He underlined that reasons of Pakistan’s backwardness was trampling of merit and competent people.

Democracy could only come once monarchy ends, he said, adding that the moment for ‘bringing change’ should not let go.He was of the view that monarchy was being practised in Pakistan in the name democracy.

He said National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq was hiding behind the court’s stay order regarding rigging in his constituency, for a year.

He said no system than democracy was better in the world. In a democratic system, he said, people get elevation on the basis of merit. He went on to say that the second beauty of democracy was accountability of rulers.

In 1965, we were ahead. Now India has developed, leaving behind Pakistan.

He said lawyers struggled to bits for restoration of democracy.



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