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'Money laundering' model Ayyan Ali lands in Adiala prison

Ayyan Ali – one of the leading female models of Pakistan – was apprehended on Saturday morning on charges of money laundering.

The model was all set to board a Dubai-bound flight from Benazir International Airport that a huge amount of foreign currency (more than 5 lac USD) was recovered from secret chambers of her bag, during checking at the counter of Airport Security Force (ASF).



Officials of the Pakistan Customs apprehended her on charges of attempting to smuggle foreign currency.


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A case was registered against Ayyan Ali under relative clauses of the Customs Act for money laundering.

The model who dreamt of flying to Dubai with more than 5 lac USD, landed in the Adiala prison after being sent on a judicial remand of 14 days.

Ayyan is one of Pakistan’s most celebrated models, endorsing brands like Ufone and Magnum. The model also featured in a Sunsilk ad wearing a Hijab which attracted lots of eyes.



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