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Qaimkhani confident of more defections from rival parties today

He said more wickets will fall. “Wickets from one to five lac will likely fall,” said Qaimkhani while referring to voters of other parties.

He said the rally will give message that Karachi people are patrotiotic, not RAW agents.

Regarding MQM, he said “kites” [electoral symbol of MQM] have also been falling recently and the trend will continue in the future as well.

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He hoped that everything will happen peacefully, claiming that people had their support to the PSP.

When a journalist asked about allegations that PSP was funded by Rangers and some intelligence agencies, he replied that this question be thrown at elements who are leveling such allegations.

He said he was satisfied with security arrangements for the rally. He said the public meetings will spread to parts of country.

Qaimkhani said supporters and leaders of PSP from Lahore and other cities were also coming to Karachi.



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