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Morning Glory Chief Officer returns home

KARACHI: The last crew member of the hijacked ship Morning Glory returned Karachi from Libya on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

The family members of Ghufran Marghoob, the Chief Officer of Morning Glory, received him at Karachi's Jinnah Airport on his homecoming.

Ghufran Marghoob thanked the government authorities for securing his release.

The Libyan rebels had captured Morning Glory and taken its crew hostage on reaching Libyan port in February and demanded that the ship be moved towards Cyprus.

The US Navy Seals on Libyan government request had helped in rescuing the crew members.

The ship's 21-member crew including six Pakistanis had been rescued. Five Pakistani crew members, including Captain Nauman Baig reached Pakistan earlier.

The government authorities with hectic efforts  secured release of Ghufran Marghoob.



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