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Most private schools in Punjab re-open

Private school owners in capital city of Islamabad have decided to extend schools closure and demanded security for the educational institutions as promised to the schools in Punjab.

Chairman of All Pakistan Private Schools Federation Kashif Mirza in a press conference on Sunday had announced that the educational facilities will re-open on Monday.

HeĀ announced that the Punjab government has accepted the demands of the private schools and the educational institutes would re-open on Monday. He said that several schools may not open as theĀ parents could not be informed in time.

He added that the educational centers will follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) but it is the government’s responsibility to provide security.

“The private schools are not finding ways to hike school fees. We ensure the parents that the fees will not be increased”, Mirza said.

According to a notification issued by Punjab’s education department, school owners have been ensured that the cases against them will be withdrawn and no further cases will be filed.

The notification also stated that notices will be re-issued to the schools and action will be taken against them if school managements failed to make proper security arrangements.

However, top private schools of the province have not accepted the notification and informed the parents that the schools would remain close till further notice.



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