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WATCH: Mother attends classes in school all day pretending to be her daughter

TEXAS: In a bid to test the security at her child’s school, a woman disguised herself as her 13-year-old daughter, managed to sneak into her middle school and attended classes for a day in Texas, US.

According to the details, Casey Garcia, 30, dyed her hair and dressed up as a teenager and went to her daughter’s school. She attended classes as Julie and even interacted with teachers and staff at the school.


She took things a notch higher by documenting her every move. The video, which has gone viral on social media platforms, shows Garcia wearing a yellow hoodie before actually walking the hallways of the school, attending classes,  and even taking selfies. She is seen wearing a facemask all the time in the video.

Everything was going as per plan but during the final period of the day, a teacher noticed she wasn’t Julie and she was arrested for criminal trespassing and tampering with government records, CBS reported.

According to reports, she was later released on a $7,808 bond.

Garcia put out another video in her defence and said she didn’t do the stunt for ‘likes’ or to cause any problems for the school.

“I didn’t do this to ruffle any feathers, I didn’t do this to out the school, because I was never going to say what school district or what school it was, they put that out there themselves,” she added.

“We need better security at our schools, this is what I tried to prove, and I don’t mean to be curt but I kind of feel like I proved it,” the mother said.



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