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Heartbreaking video: Mother duck sacrifices life to save ducklings

In a heart-wrenching incident, a mother duck sacrificed her life to save her ducklings from a snake.        

In a video that went viral on social media, a mother duck along with her dozens of ducklings can be seen inside a hole. Meanwhile, a snake slithers down into the hole to feast on them.


Mother duck senses the danger but instead of saving her life, she took another decision that stuns the netizens. She starts pushing her ducklings out of the hole by flapping her wings to shield them from the predator. When the last of her ducklings comes out of the hole, the snake has coiled itself around the mother duck.

Even though it’s the law of nature, netizens were left heartbroken to see the mother duck’s sacrifice. The video has received more than 67,000 views and over 3,700 likes, Times Now News reported.

One user said, “It’s the law of nature. You can’t take away the snake’s feast… However, it’s quite sad….” Another wrote, “A mother’s love is beyond any measurable limits. No matter if it’s human or animal.”



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