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Mother of Pakistani boy stuck in India refuses to avail visa offer

According to details, Indian PM Narendra Modi had announced to release Ramzan after the return of Geeta – an Indian girl with hearing and speaking impairment who lived in Pakistan for several years after mistakenly crossing the border.

Following the announcement, Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj had offered issuance of Indian visa to Ramzan’s mother Razia Begum, through her Twitter handle.

But, the longing mother turned down Swaraj’s offer in protest of mistreatment of Muslims at the hands of Shiv Sena, Indian ignorance in this regard and aggression at the Line of Control (LoC).

She reconsidered her decision of seeing her son and finally resolved not to visit India, turning down the Ms Swaraj’s offer.

Razia said, “Ramzan is just one son of mine; I can sacrifice as many as ten children against the enemy of Pakistan”.

Meanwhile, renowned human rights activist Ansar Burney said by deciding so Razia represented the entire Pakistan and its people.

However, he urged the Pakistan High Commission in India for measures to arrange for the Ramzan’s return to country.

Although the violent actions of Shiv Sena prevented the mother and son from seeing each other, yet Razia’s gloomy face well expresses her yearning to meet her son.



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