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Motorcyclist breaks into Karachi Airport lounge, causes panic

KARACHI: A motorcyclist nearly broke into the international arrival lounge of the Karachi Airport’s Jinnah Terminal on Saturday, before being stopped by the security officials, ARY News reported.

Footage acquired by ARY News shows that the rider, identified as Adil Rahman, made it to the glass door that separates the lounge from the outside. It is unclear how he was able to manoeuvre through several concrete and steel barriers that are in place in front of the arrivals.

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The adventure of the motorcyclist created a panic in the people present at the airport, who was swiftly rounded-up by the Airport Security Force (ASF).

Sources informed ARY News that Rahman was a French citizen and a passport of France was found from his possession.

Authorities say he has arrived in Pakistan from France in 2018. According to officials, Rahman is mentally unsound and has a history of violence and addiction in France.



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