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WATCH: Motorcyclists narrowly escapes death in India

Two motorcyclists narrowly avoided being devoured in a lorry accident as the video shows them ducking in a desperate attempt to evade the crash just before the vehicle topples over their heads on the highway in India.

Moments before the accident, the lorry driver is seen to swerve between lanes, as if losing control on the vehicle. Even before it finally toppled over, it miraculously avoided crash to multiple vehicles coming along the opposing lane.

The video that emerged on the social media from Rajasthan state in northern India showed the driver shifting lanes multiple times, coming in direct contact with traffic from the opposing lane.

As evident in the final moments of the video, the lorry driver took a sharp turn to retrieve its original lane after it barged on to the opposing lane blocking the way for oncoming flow, however, the lorry carrying a large container, couldn’t meet his mood swing and started lifting and then finally tumbled over.

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The two motorcyclists that came close to being crushed by the ill-fated tumble, ducked and crashed into the side of the bridge to escape it, too narrowly to forget the event over the period of their lifetimes.

It is said that the truck driver was drunk behind the wheel and was severely injured in the crash.

The driver was taken to the hospital by passers-by to be treated for his injuries.



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