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Mourners can now watch funerals of loved ones online

A new online service has been provided by Bolton Council allowing families to watch their loved one’s funeral online in Bolton.

Bolton Council are installing cameras in their crematorium chapels and will offer families and friends the chance to have proceedings filmed and available to watch from the comfort of their own home.

The plan came in to place for those unable to attend funerals for reasons such as living far away or having trouble with leaving their home.

If families agree to the new scheme, they will be able to log on to a PC or tablet and view the service from their own homes.

Bolton Council intend to ensure that strict guidelines are met and live streaming of funerals will be optional.

Councillor Nick Peel told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “There will of course be firm ground rules about how this will operate.

“The cameras will be in a fixed position, you won’t have people walking around with cameras while the funeral is taking place.

“This is not compulsory of course, it will only be used for families who ask for it.”

“It will also be a requirement that people will have to log in to watch a funeral, it won’t mean just anyone can watch.



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