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MPA Nusrat Sehar accepts PPP minister’s apology over ‘indecent remarks’

KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) lawmaker Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, who had threatened to commit self-immolation if the Pakistan People’s Party minister Imdad Pitafi was not removed within two days, has accepted the minister’s apology for his inappropriate remarks.

Speaking to media outside the assembly building earlier in a day, Ms Abbasi carried a bottle filled with petrol and threatened she will set herself on fire if the ‘rogue’ Minister for Works and Services was not removed from his position.

Later during the assembly session, Pitafi rose to speak and said he was repented on his statement. The minister then approached the female legislator and apologised in person.

Ms Abbasi, in her remarks, said she had accepted the apology and thanked Bilawal Bhutto for ‘realizing the matter’. She also asked Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza to ensure such kind of disrespectful remarks should not be hurled at any female MPA in future.

During the last assembly session, Minister Imdad Pitafi had thrown some inappropriate remarks at Abbasi when she asked the minister to explain answers into English during the question hour. And the minister’s improper response sparked fury among the opposition benches.

Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari had earlier taken to the Twitter to rebuke Pitafi.

Quoting a tweet by PPP worker Nafisa Shah, Bakhtawar had said: “Yes [he] must apologise[.] absolutely unacceptable behaviour & totally against ethos of our party that has been led by the strongest of women #PPP”




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