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MQM, Baba Haider join hands for new provinces

The agreement reached between MQM, Sooba Hazara Tehreek (HPM) and other pro-province parties declares that the new units shall be formed on administrative basis rather than ethnic.

After the agreement, an inter-provincial committee has also been formed comprising of members from different political parties.

The committee includes MQM’s Rasheed Godial, Barrister Saif, HPM’s Sultah-ul-Arifeen, PAT’s Naseer Khan Jadoon, Bahawalpur-Seraiki Province Movement’s Abdul-Razzaq Abbasi Advocate and JUI-F’s Muhammad Mustafa.

Baba Haider Zaman heads the committee.

Addressing the joint press conference, MQM leader Rashid Godial claimed that new provinces will be formed over public pressure.
Hazara Province Movement’s Haider Zaman maintained that Hazara people laid their lives for the formation of Hazara province.



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