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MQM chief angered at Rabita Committee

The MQM chief announced parting ways with the party, reportedly over lack of reaction of MQM’s Rabita Committee to Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq’s diatribe targeting him.

“Workers must now seek directions from Rabita Committee. It’s between you [workers] and Rabita Committee. I have nothing to do with party affairs,” he announced while addressing workers at Jinnah Ground, Nine Zero.

He complained that his party leaders do not listen to him.

The MQM said he thanked all the party workers for honouring him for last 35 years.

Scores of MQM supporters and workers present on the occasion chanted slogans in favour of their leader. Some of them burst into tears as well.

Workers kept on shouting in favour of Mr. Hussain to come back on the phone line. After a few mins of silence, Mr. Hussain resumed his talk and underlined his grievances with the party.

Amid his address, he also burst into tears.

He recalled that MQM took out rally in favour of Pakistan Army. He asked whether office of another political party was raided during the operation in Karachi.

He said he couldn’t preach anyone to commit crime or murder.

Later, the MQM chief accepted apology of Rabita Committee members and asked them to resume election activities with full energy from Saturday.

Altaf Hussain also took back his resignation sending waves of joy among party workers who started celebrating soon after the announcement.

Earlier in his speech, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq had subjected Altaf Hussain to criticism. He had said, “Mr. Hussain previously resigned nine times from the party and backtracked on it, but he would certainly stick to his decision on the tenth time.”



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