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MQM chief puts forth 14 questions to army chief

The MQM chief asked why only the workers of his party were being targeted by law enforcers. He moaned that over 40 workers of MQM were still missing since targeted operation against criminals started in Karachi.

His 14 questions to the COAS are as follows:

1- Why 15,000 workers of MQM including my brother and nephew were extra-judicially killed since June 19, 1992 ?

2- The operation started against 72 ‘big fishes’ was soon diverted against the MQM. Why?

3- Why General Asif Nawaz was not punished for issuing statements against the army?

4- Despite court orders in connection to targeted killings in Karachi, why MQM workers are still being arrested for no reason?

5- How many officials involved in killing MQM workers are brought to book?

6- Why 41 missing workers of MQM are not being produced who have been disappeared in the wake of Rangers operation in Karachi?

7- Why the version of eye-witnesses wasn’t recorded in false allegations of ‘Jinnahpur map’ against the MQM?

8- Army is a symbol of unity or a force to provoke ethnicity and discriminate against a particular ethnic community?

9- Does any government give orders to kills its opponents as political victimization?

10- Mohajirs should be told what they should do. Why army is not ready to accept them as compatriots?

11- Are army officials specifically told to misbehave with ladies during targeted raids in different localities of Karachi?

12- Why historical literature of the MQM is not being returned that was seized during targeted raids by law enforcers?

13- Why no other political party than MQM dared to take out a million march in support of army?

14- Does status of any army major general/colonel is higher constitutionally than those of elected representatives?



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