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Govt looks to ‘reconcile’ with MQM after its resignations from NA, Senate and Sindh Assembly

As the premier returned home from Belarus, he summoned the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar and held consultation regarding the matter. Both the figures exchanged their thoughts on the situation arising after resignations tendered by MQM members in NA and Senate.

Sources told that government members have suggested the PM to play his role in sorting out the matter and not to accept the resignations.

The prime minister, in a meeting which he presided over today, urged the parliamentary members to play their due role in resolving the matter. He said he doesn’t want any party to be out of parliament.

The meeting also deliberated upon discussing issues facing the MQM.

Yesterday evening, PM Nawaz Sharif had told NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq not to take any action on MQM’s resignations till his (the PM’s) return from Belarus, however a notification of the acceptance of resignations was said to be ready.

Prior to it, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) had tendered resignations of its members of National Assembly in a joint meeting of MQM Rabita Committee London and Karachi. The party has also submitted its resignations — 38 out of 51 — in the Sindh Assembly and all eight of its Senate seats.

A meeting of MQM members chaired by Murtaza Javed Abbasi was held in National Assembly premises.

According to latest reports, the resignations of 23 MQM MNAs have been accepted by the NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq. The Speaker sought personal confirmation from each MNA, before notifying them, told sources.


Why did MQM resign from the Parliament?


Here the reasons detailed by the MQM through its note attached with each resignation of the MNAs, MPAs and senators.








“We resigned in protest”, says Farooq Sattar

MQM Parliamentary leader in the NA Farooq Sattar speaking to media, said a PTI leader had stated that their party would gain control of Karachi within six months and the plan to support in this plot is exposed.

He said MQM never resorted to violent protest despite continuous “unfair” and “biased” actions against the party.

We have resigned from all three houses in protest against relentless actions against the party, he added.

He recalled that the MQM had demanded formation of judicial commission oversee Rangers operation in Karachi, but that demand was never met. That showed a hatred and bias against MQM, he claimed.


PM’s message to NA Speaker


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has sent a message to the National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, asking him not to accept the resignations tendered by MQM MNAs.

Sources confided to the ARY News that PM has assured of listening and resolving complaints of Mutahidda.

ARY News Islamabad bureau chief Sabir Shakir said PM had also urged the MQM not to submit resignations.


Resignations submitted to Sindh Assembly


The MQM lawmakers led by Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly and party member Khwaja Izharul Hassan has submitted to the Provincial Assembly.

MQM chief also expressed resentment to party workers for their delay in submitting the resignations.

The resignations have now been submitted to the SA Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani.  


Five MQM Senators also join ‘mass resignations’ mode


  Earlier, Farooq Sattar told media while entering parliament that all senators, MNAs and MNAs of the party will resign today. Later in his speech to the House, Sattar said the MQM was being subjected to state oppression. Ban on speeches of Altaf Hussaion is against constitution and unlawful, he lamented. He said the entire Karachi operation is targeted against the MQM.

Besides, false cases are being registered against Altaf Hussain, said Sattar. He said Rangers were making way for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in Karachi. Senator Tahir Mashhadi, has said that five senators of the party have submitted their resignations to the parliamentary leader, while remaining three MQM members of the upper house will also submit their resignation letters .

The meeting of MQM members has also been underway in Sindh Assembly building with Khawaja Izharul Hassan in chair. Izharul Hassan has said that the resignations will be submitted after consultations.  

Altaf endorses MQM move

  According to party sources, MQM chief Altaf Hussain has endorsed the Rabita Committee decision. If the party goes ahead, 25 seats of the National Assembly and 54 in the Sindh Assembly could see bye-elections. The House has a total strength of 342 which means that over 7 per cent of the total NA seats will be affected by this decision, if it is carried out by the party. The Sindh Assembly has a total of 130 seats.    

MQM members of National Assembly are expected to tender their resignations in the lower house of the parliament today.

According to sources, after resignations of the MNAs, the party’s senators and members of Sindh Assembly will likely to submit their resignations.

MQM sources said that the party has repeatedly expressed its reservations over various issues with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the interior minister but the complaints not being given attention.


Speaker National Assembly responds to news of resignations

Earlier, in response to a question from journalists on the report that the MQM had decided to resign its seats from the National Assembly, the Speaker Ayaz Sadiq said: “Assuming that the report is indeed true, and if the MQM MNAs deliver their resignations to me by their own hand, I will then ask them if they are resigning voluntarily. And if they say ‘Yes’, then I will accept their resignations.”



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