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MQM demanded new units, not Sindh’s division: Rizvi

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Haider Abbas Rizvi said that MQM demanded for the formation of new administrative units all over the country, while there is no political party in Pakistan, which opposes the formation of new units.

He said that the country immensely needs new units, in order to assure good governance here.

Rizvi said new provinces are established in countries all over the world. He elaborated his stance that India at the time of independence had only eight provinces, now it has got 29 administrative units, similarly Iran has 31 provinces and Turkey has got 87.

He added that all these countries flourished on the basis of the establishment of new units.

The MQM leader quoted Nadir Laghari as saying that he is a Sindhi and he will not let the Sindh divide.

Haider Abbas Rizvi said, “We all are as much Sindhis as Nadir Laghari and requested him to avoid hateful speeches”.

He said that political parties have opposed as well as supported MQM’s demand of establishing new provinces, adding that we all should learn from our mistakes.

The MQM leader said that where there is a population of 50 lac, a new administrative unit should formed, while the PMLN in its manifesto had also vowed to form Siraiki and Hazara provinces.

Moreover, Haider Abbas Rizvi clarified that neither we talked of the division of Sindh, nor will we do so; our demand was to form administrative units wherever required.



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