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‘Victimization’: MQM’s hunger strike unto death continues

The party began protest under Aslam Afirdi, MQM’s coordination committee member, and legislators outside the Karachi Press Club.

The protest and hunger strike announced by Dr Farooq Sattar, senior deputy convener of the coordination committee, and deputy convener Amir Khan at a press conference held at Khursheed Memorial Hall in Azizabad yesterday.


The participants in the hunger strike camp were carrying placards inscribed with messages of alleged atrocities against Mohajir people and MQM workers.

Earlier addressing the workers at the camp, Farooq various reasons including torture on party activists, illegal raids and detentions by law enforcement agencies forced the party to resort to the protest.


He alleged that Mohajir workers were being arrested from their houses and offices and thousands of workers were missing.

In a statement, the MQM also termed the arrest of its Karachi mayoral candidate, Waseem Akhtar, illegal and unconstitutional.



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