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MQM observes ‘Black Day’ against Khursheed’s remarks on ‘Muhajir’

On the occasion, addressing to the protestors, MQM Leader Haider Abbas Rizvi pointing out the numbers of participants said “One can see the strength of people in Muhajir’s rally”

He lamented Khursheed Shah for terming the word ‘Muhajir’ as abuse by saying that “In no way, it can be not considered as a minor offence.”

“If Khursheed Shah abused word ‘Muhajir’ instead of ‘Muhajir community’ then it should be remembered that the only two states in the history of world that came into existence on the name of Islam were Medina and Pakistan”, said Rizvi.

MQM Leader said that Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) is also Muhajir as He migrated from Mecca to Medina and laid the foundation of first Islamic state.

Haider Abbass Rizvi said Pakistan came into being because of sacrifices made by migrants (Muhajirs).

Speaking on the occasion, Rauf Siddqui said Muhajir is one who leaves everything for the sake of religion.  He said Khursheed Shah publicly humiliated the word ‘Muhajir’.

Rauf Siddiqui advised Shah to increase his knowledge about Muhajirs.




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