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MQM places blame on PSP workers for attack on their zonal office

According to details, a press conference was held by MQM MPA Rashid Khilji who stated that since the past few days PSP workers had been taking out rallies and processions from Bhai Khan Chari area in Hyderabad. In these rallies, PSP workers chanted slogans against MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain to enrage MQM loyalists, he alleged.

“Despite that however, we cautioned our workers to observe patience and not get provoked,” he said. Khilji also said that through such nefarious activities, a conspiracy being carried out to disturb the peace in the city. The MQM representative also claimed that through such activities, some people were dreaming that they would be successful in conquering Hyderabad.


Khilji also demanded an investigation into the violent clash that took place last night between MQM and PSP workers and called for action to be taken against those who were busy in sabotaging the peace of Hyderabad.

Last night, ten people were injured in Hyderabad when MQM and PSP workers had clashed during PSP’s flag hoisting ceremony. The situation had escalated as MQM workers allegedly tore down posters of PSP chief Mustafa Kamal as loyalists from both parties came face-to-face.

Tensions have been on the rise between PSP and MQM workers after Mustafa Kamal and other members of his party’s blunt criticism of Altaf Hussain.



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