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MQM wants Sindh govt to be sent packing

Members of MQM Rabita Committee (RC) said government of Sindh and its ministers have crossed the limit of corruption, mismanagement and nepotism.

“Supreme Court and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) have already pointed out misconducts of Sindh government”, MQM RC added.

In such circumstances, asking for the imposition of martial law is valid, stated MQM RC.

Condemning adjournment of today’s Sindh Assembly session on Sherjeel Memon’s behest, MQM RC said it seemed that Sindh Information Minister considers assembly as his property.

MQM RC said martial law is a better option than having an undemocratic assembly where elected representatives of the people are not allowed to highlight the public issues .

According to MQM RC, in such worse situation, Sindh government has left with no other option than to resign honourably.



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