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Kamal dares Sattar to do ‘Izhar-like’ efforts for missing MQM workers

According to a press release issued by PSP, Kamal said that if the MQM had knocked on the doors of the Prime Minister, Army Chief, Sindh Chief Minister, Governor Sindh, DG Rangers, IG Sindh and other concerned people with the same zeal and determination it pursued in the case of Khawaja Izhar, hundreds of missing MQM workers could be freed.

Kamal congratulated the family members of Khawaja Izhar for his safe and timely release, despite the multitude of criminal cases against him but expressed displeasure at lack of similar efforts for hundreds of missing MQM workers.

The former Karachi mayor claimed that his party would support the MQM if it works with the same enthusiasm to secure the release of its missing workers.

He urged the Prime Minister and other higher-officials to release such MQM workers like Izharul Hassan.




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