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MQM revamps its central executive body

According to details, the CEC will include former members of the Rabita Committee (RC), MQM members of the assemblies as well as senior members from different departments of the party.

After consultation between the London and Karachi RCs of the MQM, some new members will also be inducted in the CEC.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain said that the CEC was revamped in order to make it more active.

The council will forward its recommendations to the RC for the improvement of organizational affairs all over the country.

The CEC will draft the party constitution and will also be able to make changes to the present set of rules.

Members of the CEC will also hold the right of recommending suspension or termination of workers and officials involved in irrelevant activities.

The MQM chief said that no tactic of fear and repression could frighten his party’s affiliates.



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