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MQM seeks clemency from establishment, says let bygones be bygones

“The way a general amnesty was announced for estranged Baloch men, the establishment should also heal the wounds of Mohajirs, forgetting the bitter past,” the RC said in a statement.

The committee, referring to the media reports about some activists who had gone to India following the 1992 operation and confessed having received training from there, said they went on their own and this cannot be declared party policy.

It added that any worker who had gone to India for ‘saving his life’ after the launching of the offensive in June, 1992, did so without informing the party and had nothing to do with party.

The RC stated: The party has no connection with the training of people who visited India during that time.

The statement further read that ‘MQM was a patriotic political party and it would continue to be loyal to the state of Pakistan unconditionally’.

The statement said that after the June 1992 operation against the MQM “thousands of workers were forced to go to different parts of the world for saving their lives”. Some workers sought asylum at United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Middle East and other countries.

“Some went to India for saving their lives as they could not go to any other country. These MQM workers chose to go to India because they had family ties in India, and they thought that they would not face the hardship of homelessness and hunger.

“They did so without informing the MQM, and this cannot be called the policy of the MQM,” the statement said.

The MQM said it could not even think of any plan against the country.

The Rabita Committee appealed to the establishment to review its policy on the basis of these facts and urged it to “stop isolating Mohajirs” from the mainstream.

The party statement said the establishment should heal the wounds of Mohajirs, forgetting the bitter past. “The MQM will extend its fullest support to it.”



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