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MQM shocked over extortion chits, threats to its leaders

He said MQM leaders are threatened to pay extortion amount from Rs 0.5 million to Rs 2.5 million to the number scribbled in a threat letter with a sender’s title ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban Zindabad’, he told while addressing a press conference at party headquarters at Nine Zero.

MQM leader said threat letters were received on Nine Zero. He said the last threat was given on September 15. Haider Abbas Rizvi, Babar Ghori, Nasreen Jalil and other leaders are among those who have received extortion slips.

He told that the ‘threat letter’ asked that Altaf Hussain should be stopped from speaking against them [Taliban].

He moaned that no action had been taken by law enforcers, despite the issue was communicated to them a month ago.

He warned that MQM would not be responsible for public reaction if there was any terrorist attack [on its leaders].

Sattar said threats were also being given to MQM chief Altaf Hussain in London. He said the letter sent by unidentified criminals said that their wings were also existed in London.



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