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MQM says entire Pakistan has adopted ‘minus-Imran’ formula

As the local body (LB) elections are nearing, MQM’s political activities in Karachi have also reached at their peak. Rallies, corner meetings and campaigning for the candidates are in full swing.

The party today demonstrated its street power at five different locations across the city.

Workers and supporters of the MQM gathered at election camps in Haidery, Korangi, Orangi Town, Gulshan Iqbal and Ranchor Line. The participants waving party flags voiced their full support for the MQM, while female supporters got their faces painted with colors of party flag.

Fueling passion in supporters, MQM leaders criticized the opponents saying that all of the country has adopted minus-Imran formula.

Haider Abbas Rizvi said that people of Punjab excluded Imran Khan in the LB elections held recently. He asked Imran Khan and Jamaat e Islami (JI) to watch people of Karachi also turning away from them.

Khawaja Izharul Hassan said MQM is contesting LB elections in Karachi against ‘Taliban’s political wing’ and vowed that it will break its own record of securing highest number of votes from Karachi.

Contesting the elections with the slogan of “empowering the people for a self-governed Pakistan”, MQM claimed to have the security bonds of its opponents confiscated on December 5.



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