MQM urged not to set pre-conditions for talks

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has urged MQM not to set pre-conditions for talks on withdrawal of resignations from the assemblies.

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In an interview on Thursday, he said he had no idea how the talks with the government were sabotaged.

Karachi operation is against criminals and the government will address genuine grievances of MQM in this regard.

Dar surprised over MQM’s decision to quit talks

The Minister regrets MQM pulled out of talks when the two sides had settled all the issues and merely an announcement was to be made.

He said MQM needs to review its decision to create an amicable political environment for the solution of national issues.

The minister claimed that the draft for the talks with MQM was ready, when the Mutahidda pulled out of talks.

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MQM urged not to set pre-conditions for talks

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