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Altaf urges supporters to show magnanimity

Altaf Hussain opined that his party is being attacked from all sides and the detractors want the leaders of MQM to lose their nerve in this hour of test.

Speaking to party’s co-ordination committee, public representatives and office bearers at party headquarters, Hussain said that MQM supporters shall not get angry at his offer to hold a rally at Jinnah ground.

He said that the people should demonstrate magnanimity over the issue.

About the news of tearing of his posters by members of a rival party, Hussain said that only the pictures on a wall can be removed. “No power on earth can remove those in your heart”, remarked Altaf.

MQM chief repeated his view that MQM is a progressive and democratic party, which wants an end to age old feudal and hierarchical politics.



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