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MQM’s Faisal Sabzwari lands in Karachi

Received by fellow party leader Khawaja Izharul Hassan, Sabzwari told media that his comeback is aimed at supporting fellow party leaders and workers in party’s hour of test.


Answering a question about whether he needs manzil (destination) or rehnuma (leader), he replied “for time being I need food and a car”.

The question was pertinent as party’s Pakistan chapter recently amended its constitution and removed clauses binding them to seek guidance from London-based chief Altaf Hussain.

Sabzwari later reached Farooq Sattar’s residence where he and Sattar did  a press conference.

The presser at Sattar’s residence

Flanked by Sabzwari and other party leadrs, the party’s on-paper head Farooq Sattar said that MQM, despite difficulties, is representing poor and middle class people of Pakistan.

He denied the impression that Sabzwari left the country due to some threat and maintained that the young leader went abroad after seeking party’s permission.

Sabzwari, on his turn repeated that his return is aimed at supporting the party which is going through a difficult period.

“In the September 8 by-polls, everyone saw that MQM became a victim of rigging and torture,” said the MQM leader, adding that his party’s local body representatives are not being given authority to serve the people of Karachi.

He voiced support for the ongoing Karachi operation against criminal elements and added that Karachi’s problems will end when all the institutions will own the city.



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