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Court order allowing MQM’s Waseem Akhtar to travel abroad challenged

The lawyer, representing the paramilitary troops, said Akhtar was accused in several severe crime including the treatment of terrorists. In his arguments, he stated that the MQM leader may not return to Pakistan to face the trial.

Earlier, an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) had granted permission for Waseem Akhtar to travel abroad for twenty days. However, the Rangers have quickly challenged the court order.

Akhtar had filed a petition in the anti-terrorism court seeking permission to travel abroad which was opposed by Rangers, which has been a party in the case.

The mayoral candidate for Karachi is one of many MQM and PPP officials who have been accused of requesting ex-petroleum minister Dr. Asim Hussain to provide shelter and treatment to alleged terrorists at his private medical facilities located in several parts of the city.

His petition was accepted by the anti-terror court judge who also ordered Akhtar to return to Pakistan within the given time.

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