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From BBC dad to MSNBC mom: Young son interrupts anchor on live TV

A news anchor’s four-year-old son interrupted a live segment on an American television network as he decided to join his mother on-screen.

In an interesting turn of events, NBC’s news correspondent Courtney Kube’s son came up and demanded his mother’s attention. She was delivering a segment on Turkish airstrikes in northern Syria on MSNBC.

As Ryan turned up out of nowhere, the 41-year-old news anchor said “Excuse me, my kids are here,” she said. “Live television.”

She was able to send her son off-screen after a map replaced her image for a few moments.

Taking to Twitter, MSNBC shared the adorable gate crashing.

Sharing details, Kube told NBC’s Today show “As soon as I realized he was standing next to me, for a second your heart kind of stops.”

“I almost picked him up and put him on my lap, but I was afraid he would lean back against mic,” she said.

She added”I was so glad he didn’t start crying. He was smiling and happy. It could’ve been worse!” she added.

The journalist mom shared that her husband was out of town at the time. Hence, she brought her kids, Ryan and his twin brother Jackson to NBC’s Washington bureau in early morning before dropping them off to preschool.

Her husband called her to apologise saying “I’m so sorry,’ but sort of laughing and saying, ‘Is everyone mad? Are you OK?”

Well, sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you’re reporting breaking news.



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