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Mufti Naeem seeks condemnation from Ulema over Mardan student’s killing

KARACHI: The Founder of Jamia Binoria, Mufti Naeem, said “Ulema should issue an official statement declaring killing an individual over blasphemy allegations is against the Shariah as well as the country’s laws.”

Calling on all clerics from all sects and different schools of thoughts, he urged to condemn acts of violence particularly that taking place due to the blasphemy law.

“The Mardan university incident is highly regrettable and the blasphemy law is being misused”, he said while speaking in the ARY News programme ‘Sawal Ye Hai’.

Expressing concern on mounting number of violence incidents over blasphemy allegations in Pakistan, the cleric opined that the extremism could not be uprooted until the judicial system in the country strengthened.

The scholar further said that if an individual is found guilty he should be brought to justice through courts rather than dragging him on roads and taking law in hands, adding, if no charges against anyone prove him guilty should be acquitted.

“Students are passing out from the universities but there is lack of quality education and training”, he said while urging provision of quality education.



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