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Mufti Naeem warns Veena, Asad Khattak against divorce

KARACHI: Religious scholar Mufti Naeem on Saturday warned actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak against divorce and said in the end it would be their children who will suffer the most, ARY News reported.

“Veena can get another husband, likewise Asad can marry another woman, but the real sufferers would be the kids,” he said while exclusively talking to ARY News.

Naeem said Veena came to him today and discussed the issues she was facing during the three years of her marriage with Khattak, adding that he is aware of Asad’s side of the story as well.

“I have invited both of them on Thursday after Zuhr prayers. I will try to settle the differences between them,” he said.

The actress had filed an application in a family court in Lahore seeking a divorce from Khattak over irreconcilable differences stating that they cannot live together.

The court ruled in her favour over non-pursuance of the case by her husband who did not appear during court proceedings. Judge Kaisar Jameel Gujjar had on January 31, 2017 issued the decree in favour of Veena Malik.

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The couple got married on December 25, 2013. They have two children, Abram and Amal, who are in Malik’s custody.

Veena will also return 25 per cent of the ‘haq mehr’ (dower money) to Khattak because she applied for divorce. There was a rift with her husband since the past few months as she attempted to return to showbiz.

Veena’s father Malik Aslam said differences between the couple had surfaced right after their marriage.

To a query, he said had Asad cajoled her earlier, the separation would not have taken place. Veena’s father refrained from telling what exactly were the differences between the spouses.

Veena Malik’s father tells what led to… by arynews



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