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‘Muhajir’ owns 80 percent of Sindh, says Rizvi

Addressing a press conference at MQM HQs on Friday, Haider Abbas Rizvi  demanded an apology and asked that “What right does Khursheed Shah have, to derogate and discriminate against Muhajirs.”

Rizvi said that we are not refugees in here, we are immigrants who migrated willfully to Pakistan. Quoting a column in a famous newspaper Haider Abbas said that ‘Muhajirs’ are the owner of 80 percent Sindh.

International agreements between Pakistan and India  maintains that immigrants coming from India  will be given  ownership of land in Sindh.” He alleged that over 10 million acres of land is occupied illegally by landlords in Sindh.

Rizvi said that ‘Muhajir’ is a word mentioned in the Holly Quran with abundance.

QET Altaf Hussain always promotes peace and reconciliation but no one can be allowed to abuse either a nation or the identity of ‘Muhajir’, said Rizvi.



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