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Mysterious Multan deaths: CCTV shows third ill-fated doctor bought petrol

MULTAN: As they probe mysterious circumstance leading to Dr Saleem Mohib’s death, the police have recovered Wednesday the CCTV footage showing the deceased doctor bought gasoline in multiple bottles from gas station shortly before his body was found in his house only days after his brother’s death late last month, ARY News reported.

Dr Mohib was found going on a gas station where he made a brief 6-minute stop to buy petrol in at least three different bottles earlier on January 29, the day he allegedly took his life, police said. They added that at 10:57 am he entered home.

Police say Dr Mohib killed himself due to family conflicts, following the incident wherein his psychiatrist brother Dr Azhar Hussain took his own life after shooting his only daughter who’s also a doctor.

Sharing their suspicion based on preliminary investigation police said all three doctors were killed owing to conflicts brewing within the family.

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It was earlier reported that Dr Mohib was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his house in Multan and was identified as the younger brother of Dr. Azhar Hussain, who had committed suicide days ago after killing his daughter.

According to details, Noted Psychiatrist Dr Azhar Hussain shot his single daughter Dr Aliza dead in the past week, and now a week later his brother, Dr Saleem Mohib, is found dead under mysterious circumstances.

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Narrating the details of today’s incident, the people in the neighbourhood said that they heard a loud bang from the residence of Dr Saleem Mohib. “When we entered his residence, he was found dead with severe burn marks on the body,” they said.



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