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Munawar rebukes MQM's 'propaganda' against him

In a statement issued from Mansoora, Lahore, Munawar Hassan said that ‘Jihad’ is justified only if it is in the way of Allah, while it can simply be regarded as turpitude if someone fights for personal gains.

The statement further read that those fed by the West are not empowered enough or they would have eliminated the verses from the Holy Quran that preach Jihad.

The former JI emir said that he talks of fighting and spending in the way of Allay, so that the commandments of the Almighty Allah could be implemented.

“Had Jihad not been common in the Afghan society then the Great Britain, Russia and now the United States would not have drawn down from there after being defeated”, mentioned the statement.

He said, “Allah’s commandment for Muslims to keep their horses ready indicates the same that we must not turn oblivious to our enemies”.

Munawar Hassan said that those propagating to misguide the masses by distorting his statement actually want to keep the bagged bodies and extortion practices in hiding.

He said that an act performed with an intention to obey Allah’s commandment cannot be proven wrong by the entire world.



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