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Munawwar demands security for Akram Sheikh

LAHORE: Ameer Jamat e Islami (JI), Syed Munawwar Hassan while expressing concerns over threats issued to Government prosecutor Akram Sheikh in Musharraf's Treason Trial, has said that it is wrong to give an impression of a trial against military to the trial against former President – ARY News reports.

In a statement issued on Monday, Munawwar Hassan demanded the Government to provide security to Akram Sheikh and his family. He added that Pervez Musharraf violated the Constitution twice and detained honorable judges illegally; he must be punished for that.

The JI Ameer said that the trial is being given an impression that it is against the military, which is not true.

He claimed that Musharraf is being kept at hospital to pave ways for his escape abroad.

Munawwar stated that Pakistan has state of the art medical facilities of all kinds and if the former President has any ailment then it should be treated inside the country.

He urged the Government not to accept any external pressure for sending Musharraf out of the country.

Meanwhile, the majlis e shura'a of JI strongly opposed the decision of declaring India as the most favorite country and termed it as a move to devastate industrial sector of Pakistan.

A resolution was passed during the JI shura'a meeting demanding the Government to completely hold back from any such decision. It was urged to acquire an honorable strategy regarding India, rather than adopting apologetic attitude.



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