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India-sponsored terrorism poses threats to Pakistan’s security, Munir Akram tells UN

NEW YORK: Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Munir Akram, said that the international community should take notice of the India’s state sponsored terrorism which poses serious threats to Pakistan, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Munir Akram raised the issue of Indian state terrorism in the United Nations (UN) while speaking at virtual Counter-Terrorism Week meeting in New York.

Akram said that India was involved in terror attacks on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and Chinese consulate, as well as sponsoring terrorist mercenaries to carry out attacks in Pakistan.

During the speech of Munir Akram, the Indian envoy to the UN kept interrupting his address by thrashing the diplomatic manners.

Akram continued that the February’s anti-Muslim riots in New Delhi should be considered as a clear example of Islamophobia in India. The ruling BJP and RSS were practicising the fascist ideology of Hindutva, whereas, minorities in India were deliberately being suppressed.

He said that Indian troops have continued atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir besides blaming their struggle for the right of self-determination as terrorism.

He reiterated that UN resolutions gave the right to Kashmiris for self-determination. Akram said that the Indian atrocities could not push back Kashmiris from their demand to get self-determination right.



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