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Ghazal legend Munni Begum graces ARY News show

The ‘Ek Bar Muskurado’ singer appeared in the show hosted by Pakistan’s top comedian Umar Sharif and not only entertained the audience but also told the host and audience about her decision to settle in United States and how she moved on in life as a single mother.

When inquired by Umar, she told the audience that she is these days living in Chicago, United States as a US citizen and she left Pakistan to forget some terrible memories attached with the country.

She did not harp on the memories while apprising her fans about how she went on to raise her three children (two daughters and a son) in a befitting manner and even married off her two daughters as a single mother.

-She sings on a Pakistani TV channel after a long time-

After the break, the sagacious host had her sing some of her famous ghazals. Munni started with “Hath dia Us ne Mere Hath me“, then Umar had her sing the ghazal synonymous with her name ‘Ek Bar Muskurado‘. One of the comedians in the program then reminded Munni Begum of ‘Awargi Me Had se Guzar Jana Chahye‘ which she presented in her soulful voice  to take back the audience into the glorious past of Pakistani music.

During ‘Awargi’, she dedicated one of the couplets to Umar Sharif, which were,

Nadaan Jawani ka Zamana Guzar Gaya, Ab agaya Burhapa Sudhar Jana Chahye”.

(The days of carefree youth have passed, one should now repent as one is growing old now).

The dedication left both the guests of the program and the audience to laugh at her witty act to outsmart the great Umar Sharif.

As the show is about Cricket and the ongoing World Cup, after the match predictions, Umar again invited  Munni on the request of the cricketing expert Basit Ali to sing

‘Ae Mere Humnasheen Chal Kahin Aur Chal, Is Chaman me ab apna Guzara Nahi,

Baat Hoti Gulon Tak to seh lete Hum, Ab to Kanton pe Bhi Haq Hamara Nahi’

Munni Begum ended the show with the Ghazal as Umar thanked her again and again for coming on his show.

Awargi mai hud se guzar jana chaiye by arynews





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